Tourmaline House

castle TH

Tourmaline House is set to be a preventive and regenerative Hub for Malaysia through the development of a medical center and manufacturing plant utilizing breakthrough cellular therapies modulated by advancement in stem cell research and medical technologies.

Tourmaline House is a new, unique and exclusive health and wellness club. It combines modern and advance medical diagnostics and interventions that include cellular therapy and stem cell applications with nutrition, fitness, sexual and mental health, medical aesthetics, gym membership and spa treatments. We also offer healthy food on the premise and a luxurious and relaxing ambience for peace of mind.  Our premise will be a mix of work, play and leisure all geared to generate a unique health and wellness experience for our members.

Most medical centers offer diagnostics and treatments to cure diseases with doctors or the healthcare provider being the ultimate authority with little active and or effective participation from patients. At Tourmaline House we encourage active participation by screening prior to disease manifestation and control or arrest of decline in health due to the progression of disease through early detection and prevention. We provide tried and true alternatives to mitigate the effects of disease and aging at the cellular level through breakthrough research and holistic approaches. Coupled with nutritional and fitness advice as well as a gym and spa to recuperate and enjoy after a hard days’ work, we empower our clients and help them achieve vitality, longevity and appear more youthful than they actually are.


This blog sets to talk and discuss about health, wellness, preventive and regenerative medicine, stem cells, medical aesthetics and topics of similar mien.


Author: adoc001

GP with interest in Aesthetics, preventive and regenerative medicine.

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